Hair Bows Lingo

Hair tie manufacturers have to quickly learn that there are different widths of ribbons. The width is the length of the tape. The most common widths used are 1.5 ″, 7/8 ″, 5/8 ″, and 3/8 ″. Some of the least used are the really wide 2.25 ″ ribbons, which make for a really big and thick hair bow. Tape factories sometimes make 1 ″ wide tapes. This width is very close to 7/8 ″ and it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference. Tape manufacturing companies may have their own unique widths, but generally these are your only options.

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The 1.5 ″ width is a good tape width to start with because there is more to hold and work with. Widths of 7/8 “or 5/8” are good for center knotting for bows. The 3/8 “is a good width for very small bows or makes a nice center for a larger bow. I would not suggest knotting a 3/8 “wide ribbon unless it is for a very small hair bow, or that you put it on top of a 7/8” or 5/8 “wide ribbon and then knot it for a funny appearance.

Some tape makers like to use wood burning tools to do what they call “heat sealing” the ends. Most grosgrains melt at very high temperatures, and that’s just what all bow makers mean when they say their ends are heat sealed. Other tools are now being made just to seal the ends of the ribbons to prevent fraying, and various ribbon websites are now offering them to their customers online to make hair bows.

Another popular way to prevent the tape ends from fraying is by applying Fray Check

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