A Tool For Advertising

There are several ways to advertise brands. In the meantime, they use diversified tools for advertising. One of the most
colorful tool is zip. Many brands send their postcards in open public places such as shopping malls, coffee shops, restaurants,

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cinema, etc. So that people can easily access these postcards which are free. This study evaluates the use of postcards a
advertising purposes. In this process, try to emphasize the pros and cons of postcards like
advertising tools. In addition, the study contains several examples of postcards from different countries.
Keywords: advertising, postcard, free, advantages / disadvantages
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1. Introduction
Postcards are mainly used for publication. People use them to communicate with each other (family,
friend, darling, etc.). Most countries use the postcard as a means of promotion. Tourists visiting these countries
buy and collect postcards as souvenirs. Sometimes they send them to their relatives.
The postcards were also used to announce important updates (
Postcards used to promote a country also show the country’s history. Damage
Discover the buildings, historic places, people and design of the country in retrospect. In this context,
postcards play the role of visual memory.
Postcards are the subject of numerous academic studies in various fields. For example, Sawyer and Butler
(2008: 73) emphasize the importance of picture postcards in the context of observing and teaching about a variety
of forms of landscape change, forest fires, geomorphic changes, invasion of plant species, anthropogenic influences,
changes in land use. Özen (2008) considers postcards in the Ottoman Empire as one of the new forms of
representation that was used for propaganda in the period before the First World War. Goldsworthy
(2010: 148), emphasizes the relationship between a common mass product, the postcard and
colonial ideology.
Postcard design
Visual communication design is important in terms of postcards. The postcard designer has to be careful
using design elements (color, writing, image, photography, etc.).

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